Em, or Mia Marie as she is known professionally, is a creator and leadership guru from the Northside of Chicago, who resides now in Toronto with her husband. 

Em grew up in Chicago, facing her identity, struggling with her heritage, trying to exemplify and run away from the “model minority myth” all at the same time. It wasn’t until University that she stopped trying to fit into the proverbial Box.

Cultivating her career, not through school, much to the dismay of her parents, Em grew her career in leadership and learning development through sales and retail companies, with the help of managers that gave her amazing opportunities to grow. From getting into Management in Training programs, climbing leadership and management roles, coaching seminars and certifications, Next Level Leader webinars, opportunity to lead people in-charge of multi-million dollars of revenue,  to fast track MBA like/driven programs; Em was given amazing opportunities that got her to where she is today. 

Em has held all roles starting as the part-time worker all the way to the Director of Training within an organization. Roles coveted by many, but usually only achieved by those who have their BS or MBA. Opportunity, experience, drive, and commitment has gotten her here. Em’s focus is to show you that anyone can drive themselves to the top with motivation, unconditional perseverance, constant learning and adaptation, and some blood, sweat, and tears. Your leadership matters, especially when it comes to yourself.

None of it would have matter without the love and support of her Mother who encouraged her to continue her drive and passion. Struggling with being the youngest amongst some of the brightest, and also the most engaged and unapologetically real within her circle of colleagues, her mom’s advice, her Asian upbringing, and her love of sharing knowledge has gotten her here today.

Welcome to the page that will share stories, insight, advice – as you struggle with your own identity – your own career path and journey. Let me help you – let’s share stories. 

Let’s create AHA moments.



My Personal Pillars

Unapologetically about people:


Personal growth

Continued learning

Sharing information


Ability to enable and evoke growth:

Teaching you to get out of your own way

Adaptability and agility 

Using your instinct and trusting it



Share stories that enable others

Create moments where people see their value

Share journeys with people – highlighting everything from the good, the bad, the ugly, and the redemption


You’ll be a little kinder to yourself

You’ll be more critical where its needed

You’ll see past your own head


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